What steps you need to take if you are a victim of identity theft?

As soon as you’ve become a victim of identity theft, you will have the most anxious and stressful moments a person can experience. There are 6 mandatory steps that have to be taken immediately, because we might have a high chance of losing your reputation, finance and credit.

  1. Notify affected creditors or bank

If a bank account or our credit card information has been affected, shutting it down is considered as first and most important order of business. Reporting about the identity theft to the credit card company or the bank as soon as possible can save you money.

ATM or debit cards and electronic transfers from your bank account fall under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. Under this act, consumers have to move fast. Reporting a lost or stolen ATM or debit card before any fraudulent transactions means the victim is off the hook for any that happen afterward.

   2. Check your credit reports

Check for your reports for the signs of fraud – new accounts that you didn’t open, payment history that you don’t account for, and even personal information that is unfamiliar to you.

Use an identity theft report to get fraudulent information removed from your reports.

3. Alert the police

Go to the police in your city. It is mandatory to report the crime to the police department as soon as the crime occurred.

The police report might save you the trouble caused by the criminal using your identity.

4. Contact the Social Security Hot line

Let the Office of the Inspector General know if your Social Security number has been used by criminals. Ask for a copy from him of your Personal Earnings and Benefits Statement and check for its accuracy.

5. Get a new driver’s license

It is advisable to chance your driver’s license number if someone is misusing your ID or once you find it missing. Directly go to Regional Transport Office and request for a new number.

6. Contact your telephone and utility companies

The Telephone network and other utility companies that you use needed to be warned in case an identity thief tries to open your account in your name using your belongings as proof of residence.

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