Is paying for Antivirus Software Worth it?

We are in a world where gaining trust is really a difficult task. People completely depend on technology. Though they lost the trust on the fellow people, they had trust on technology those days. But rumours about fake applications made them doubtful about all the applications prevailing now, which also includes Antivirus Software. The question about most of the people while investing on software is that, is paying for Antivirus Software Worth it?

On the free side are some solid and reputable antivirus software programs for windows especially. AVG Antivirus Free, Avira free antivirus and Avast free antivirus are considered effective to some extent.

But it has come to our knowledge that paying for premium software provides extra security and safety to our system from security breaches and cyber criminals.

The most important and primary difference between the free and pay products are as follows, some which are extremely important – and ease of use.

Usually free software doesn’t provide with any telephone technical support, which makes the people running small business and family with multiple computer users suffers. So, it is highly advisable to pay for the Antivirus Software, which includes us with a technical support from professionals.

Most important thing to be considered is the pop-up and ads that we get too often after signing up for the free software. This can be completely avoided by signing up for paid version. These Advertisements might sound simple but it annoys you while you work under tight circumstances. So, it is good for us to go for the paid version.

The primary differences between free and paid anti-virus software, however, involve the additional features you get when you pay for a one-year license. There are the aforementioned parental controls, but you’ll also find more elaborate firewalls to prevent intrusions, and performance and conflict scans for Windows PCs. The paid programs also look for suspicious behaviour, such as a program attempting to access files it shouldn’t.

Considering an average internet user, who does his/her online banking, pays his/her bills, or even purchase goods. It is advisable and suggested to go for paid versions, because of the malicious pop-ups and ads also might cause any intrusion and get all our data that might economically affect us. The only alternative to save our belongings in the system from cyber criminals is to use antivirus. In order to go on with a effective usage, it is recommended to go for
paid version of Antivirus software like AVG Antivirus software.

Ultimately, if you do go the free route, don’t just click on the first “free antivirus program” button you see, whether it’s a pop-up ad or the result of a Google search. Those are often malicious programs looking to infect a PC. Stick with one application mentioned above. The only reason we suggest you to use AVG antivirus is that if you subscribe to it, an AVG Antivirus Support Service expert will help you keep your device virus free or will give you a refund.

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