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Internet Security products

Keeping your customers data safe and secure & also maintain its privacy.

security and Firewall

Having a firewall keeps hackers out of your network.

Content Filtering

The content filters prevent people in the network from accessing unwanted content on the internet.

Backup Data on AVG cloud

Having data in the cloud allows you to have access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Technical Support

We make sure we are available, as the description suggests – 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, no matter what.

Email Security Services

the essential email services you need – from blocking viruses and spam to complying with industry regulations and privacy requirements.




The internet security solution trusted by millions of users worldwide.

  • Fully Managed Dedicated protection
  • Removes malware & viruses
  • Protection against online threats
  • Speed up, Clean up, and Power up
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Content Filtering

AVG® Content Filtering is the fast, flexible and highly accurate way to help your content secure.

  • Automatic site blocking
  • Secondary local passwords
  • Email alerts and reports
  • No proxy required
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Cloud Backup

AVG® Cloud Backup helps protect your data with a secure, automated backup process that is quick to deploy, easy to manage and delivers a range of options

  • Restore and backup anytime
  • SQL and Exchange back up
  • View and restore files anytime
  • protects server
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Avast and AVG combine to better protect your business

We are now one company , whether you use an AVG or an Avast product, we will continue to offer and support both AVG and Avast branded products.

2hours ago
A Fresh Start for Google’s Pixel: Tips for Your New Android Phone

As the anticipated release of the Google Pixel nears, it may be time to check those old storage habits to ensure your new Android phone performs at its maximum capacity.

3 hours ago
Avast Closes Acquisition of AVG Technologies

Avast Software, the leader in digital security products for consumers and businesses, today announced it has acquired a majority stake in AVG Technologies after completing the initial offering period.

4 hours ago